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This summer has flown by!  From our family trip to Puerto Vallarta, day trips to the Oakland Zoo, and playdates with cousins, to swim lessons and movie days, our summer has already seemed to have come and gone.  

You can see more from our Puerto Vallarta trip on FireNRescue/Blog Travel 

Faith has been learning freestyle, breast stroke and backstroke in private lessons, thanks to MauMau and PauPau's pool and her wonderfully patient high school swim coach, Kaitlyn.  She understands the method of each pretty well, its just getting her upper body and lower body to do what they need to together. :)

Faith will begin first grade this year in a regular classroom setting.  We think she will be in a K-1 combo where the kinders will go home by lunch, so the first graders will only have about 12-15 kids with a teacher and her assistant.  We are working on sightword recognition, writing and reading sentences, and numbers to 100, as well as retelling stories read to her from l library books we get each week..

We are starting to look into another surgery for her to get a second cochlear implant for her other ear.  We go in on Aug. 11 to discuss this possibility with her surgeon.  Her understanding of incoming spoken information is about 49% with the cochlear right now, even though she is hearing tones and sounds at a higher percentage, she just isn't understanding what is coming in yet.  When her hearing aide is added to the cochlear, she understands at about 55% accuracy. Our hope is to help increase this understanding by adding the second implant in place of her hearing aide. 

 Welcome to Web site. This was created for a special place on the Web to share Faith's life with family and friends. I hope this site will enable family and friends, near and far, to stay connected with Faith. We look forward to sharing news about Faith and precious memories with you for years to come! Feel free to use our contact page to contact us.

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Faith's Story

 Faith is a five year old that has a tremendous amount of energy. Faith was born with a hearing loss, this has not slowed her down. Faith has many accomplishments to her name. At 2 years of age Faith would scale a forty foot rock wall, just to name one. There are so many things Faith has done that make her mother and father proud. 

 Faith received an Advanced Bionics cochlear implant in September 2008. This was a very difficult decision for us. We have come to find out that this is one of the best decisions we have made thus far. Faith amazes us every day with her speech progress, from "not right now" to "Oh shit" and "dammit"  (ok, so not so appropriate vocab for a 5 year old, however, she uses it in totally appropriate context!)

Faith is going to attend a regular Kindergarten setting with a 2:1 full inclusion assisstant with one of her classmates from her current special day communication preschool setting.  She is already counting to 20 using sign to help her recall number names, and recognizing numerals 0-7.  She is reading simple pattern books with fingerpointing.  She is also working on recognizing her letters (F, a, i, t, h, d-daddy, j-jo-jo, c-carly, b-bo-bo, r-Rylie, and m-Mickey Mouse).

Faith loves horseback riding, swimming, playing video games and watching movies.  


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